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Luxury Bathroom Supply & Fitting

The chosen design and feel of a bathroom is a very personal thing. We understand that what delights one person may horrify another. This is why we work closely with each client to fully comprehend the vision they have for their bathroom, and make this a reality.

At Prestige Bathrooms Scotland, our aim is to offer prospective clients a wide range of choices when it comes to their bathroom. Whilst we will make suggestions and recommendations when needed, based on our experience and knowledge of the industry, we always respect and deliver our client’s final choice.

Size and layout will always be a factor when designing and installing a bathroom, but we have yet to encounter a room that cannot be made desirable. Clever fittings, space-saving solutions and carefully planned details mean that your dream bathroom can come to life.

View our portfolio to see some examples of our bathrooms, but each project can be made bespoke to take into account your own unique design preferences.